DOSAGE FORM: Inner drops.
PHARMACOLOGICAL GROUP: Sedative, spasmolytic paramedical mean.
COMPOSITION: Valerian tincture – 6,7 ml; Motherwort tincture – 6,7 ml; Mint tincture – 3,31 ml; Hop tincture – 1,67 ml; Hawthorn tincture – 3,31 ml; Melissa tincture – 3,31 ml.
Plants in the preparation consist of complex of biologically active substances: ether-bearing oils (Borneol-Isovalerate, borneol, isovaleric acid, menthol), valepotriates, flavonoids (quercetin, rutin, kvinkvelozid), triterpenic saponins, vitamins, tannins, spicy glycosides, lupuline, humulone, lupulone, ursolic and oleic acids.
PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION: Preparation has sedative spasmolytic, hypotensive, cardiotonic, anticonvulsant, analgesic effect. It increases delaying processes in neurons of cerebral subcortical and cortical structures, reduces reflective irritation in the central parts of nervous system, prolongs the action of sedatives, reduces spontaneous action activity, relieves the neuro-arrhythmias, dilates the brain vessels by reflex, reduces spasms of smooth muscles of the internal organs, increases the bile secretion, digestive glands secretion, peristaltic, regulates the fat and water-salt metabolism.
· Different types of neurosis including climacteric neurosis;
· Excitation, fear, tenseness;
· Migraines;
· Neurogenic arrhythmias;
· Hypertensive Disease (I,II stage);
· Hepato-biliary tract disease (cholecystitis, cholangitis);
· Disorders secretary function of the gastrointestinal tract;
· Meteorism, nausea.
APLICATION RULE: Taken orally in the form of a dilute with water: 20-25 drops 3 times a day after meal.
CONTRA-INDICATION: Additional sensitivity toward the component of the preparation.
SIDE EFFECTS: Preparation in high and long-term dosage might induce sleepiness, dizziness, tiredness.
INTERACTION WITH OTHER MEDICAL MEANS: Extends and enhances the action of hypnotics, neuroleptics, psychotropic and antiepileptic funds.
PERIOD OF PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: Is not recommended reception in period of pregnancy and lactation, based on the fact that there are no reliable clinical experiments providing the harmlessness of the drug.
INFLUENCE ON ABILITY OF DRIVING CARS AND OTHER VEHICLES: If after use of the drug developed drowsiness and dizziness shall not be allowed to drive any kind of vehicles which require attention and concentration of fast psychomotor reaqtion.
OVERDOSE: Overdose cases are not fixed.
PACKAGE: 25 ml in an orange polymeric bottle with dropper and scrwed cover. The bottle is places in a cardon box with an annotation.
SHELF LIFE: 4 years.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store on 15-25ºC temperature in a protected from light place and keep away from children.
In a case of expiry of the term of the validity use of a preparation is not supposed.
ORDER OF ISSUE: Pharmaceutical product group III, issued without a prescription.
MANUFACTURER: “Neopharmi” Ltd.

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