Quality Policy

The mission of “Neopharm” LTD is to establish itself as a market leader by constantly complying with the legal norms with the production and sale of paramedical products, food supplements, biologically active supplements, vitamins, natural juices, food products, nutritive products and cosmetics, as well as the import/export and sale of medical products. position in the mentioned segment and create a quality brand that always meets the client’s expectations.

Our vision for quality is as follows:
• To be a guarantee of stability and quality of the product we produce in the manufacturing and supply segment
• Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system correct planning of the provision strategy and goals, customer orientation, Increasing the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures On the basis of.

The company’s quality goals are:
• Diversification of products and services and constant growth of revenues;
• Assessing stakeholder/client needs and satisfaction continuous analysis and improvement;
• Constant improvement of the quality of internal processes;
• Continuous improvement of product quality;
• Continuous improvement of personnel qualification and motivation;
• Continuous improvement of the quality management system