Application Instruction


Drug form: Powder for oral solution.

Pharmacological group: Biologically active supplement for compensation of dehydration of an organism.

Composition: glucose – 3,56 g; sodium  – 326mg; citrate – 388mg; potassium – 158mg, chloride – 427mg.

Excipients: orange flavour, saccharin, silica colloidal anhydrous.

Pharmacological action: The basic purpose of use of drug is a restoration of acid-base balance which is disordered by loss of electrolytes at vomiting and diarrhea.

The glucose which is a part of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” absorbs salts and citrates and promotes preservation of acid-base balance.

Pharmacokinetics – T1/2 is 1 h. It is removed by kidneys.

Indications: it is used in complex therapy, as an aid mean: Prevention of dehydration.

Using rule and dosage: Content of 1 sachet is dissolved in 0,5 L newly boiled water, cooled at room temperature.

At nausea and vomiting solution should be administered as a cold form with small amount.

In newborns and children should be administered 1-2 teaspoons of solution in 5-10 minute intervals within 4-6 hours.

In adults solution is administered in portions (50-100 ml) with 3-5 minute intervals within 3-5 hours.

For rehydration, “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” is administered within the first 6-10 hours with double amount in relation to lost weight of body.  For example, if loss of weight is 400 g, it is necessary to take 800 ml of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” solution.

In case of continuation of diarrhea within 24 hours, “REHYDRON NEO KIDS”, water and other liquids should be administered according to the following scheme:

Body weight, kgTotal amount of required liquid, (L)“REGIDRON NEO KIDS”, (L)Water, (L)Other liquids, (L)

After reduction of dehydration events the dose of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” can be lowered to 5-10 ml/kg which should be administered after each loose stools and also after each vomiting in addition give “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” in a dose of 10 ml/kg.

Usually, the drug is taken by no more than 3-4 days.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Renal dysfunction; diabetes mellitus; loss of consciousness; constipation; hypersensitivity toward drug components.

SIDE EFFECTS: At administration in recommended doses does not cause side effects. There is possibility of development of allergic reactions.

OVERDOSE: Symptoms: in case of administration of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” solution in large amount or excessively high concentrations, development of hypernatremia is possible (weakness, drowsiness, confusion, coma, sometimes is possible even an apnea); patients with renal dysfunction may develop metabolic alkalosis, that is shown in decrease of lungs ventilation.

PREGNANCY AND LACTATION PERIOD: “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” may be used at time of pregnancy and lactation period in recommended doses.

INFLUENCE ON DRIVING CARS AND OTHER VEHICLES: The preparation does not influence on driving cars and ability to work with techniques.

CAUTION: At vomiting and diarrhea treatment with use of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” should be started timely and administration of drug should be continued before the termination of diarrhea (usually, within not more than 3-4 days). It isn’t permitted to add other components to solution not to change effect of medicine.

If drowsiness, disorientation, high temperature, anuria (urination difficulty), blood in excrement or diarrhea more than 5 days develop after administration of “REHYDRON NEO KIDS”, you should address to doctor immediately.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER MEDICINES: “REHYDRON NEO KIDS” has alkaline reaction that should be taken into consideration at co-administration with such medicines which absorption is carried out at a certain pH value.

PACKAGE: 5,185g powder in a sachet. 10 sachets are placed in a carton box with instruction.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at a temperature not more than 25°C, in a dry, protected from light place.

The prepared solution should be stored in the refrigerator (at a temperature of  2-8ºC) for no more than 24 hours.

Order of issue: Issued without prescription.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Manufacturer: Ltd “Neopharmi”.

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