PHARMACOLOGICAL GROUP: Antidepressant activity phytopreparation.
TABLET CONTENT: Each pill contents as active substance extract of hypericum with 0,3mg anthracenes content (recalculated to hypericin).
PHARMACOLOGICAL OPERATION: Main biologically active substances of hypericum extract compounding in the preparation: hypericin, pseudohypericin, hyperforin and flavanoids that improve central and autonomic nervous system functioning.
The preparation makes anxiolytic and antidepressant action: improves psycho-emotional condition, mood, removes apathy, depression, regulates sleep, and increases psychical and physical activity.
· Psychovegetative disorders (apathy, mood depression);
· Neurotic reactions;
· Mild and moderate depression accompanied by anxiety (including related to climacteric syndrome).
Allergic reactions: there may develop rash on the skin, itching, eczema;
From the side of CNS: anxiety, headache, feeling too tired;
From the side of gastro-intestinal disorders: nausea, abdominal pain (epigastric area);
From the side of hematopoietic organs: iron deficiency anemia.
CONTRAINDICATION: Hypersensitivity to any component, compounding in the preparation; severe depression, co-administration of MAO-inhibitors-antidepressants, simultaneous administration of preparations having influence on blood coagulation (Varfarin, and other indirect anticoagulants), children’s age up to 12 years (due to insufficient data), influence of ultra-violet rays (it is necessary to avoid straight sun rays during the treatment period).
ORDER OF ADMINISTRATION: In adults and children over the 12 years is administered 1 tablet 2-3 times in a day at time of eating.
Duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks (not more than 6 weeks). Optimal effect is reached when preparation is administered regularly, one and the same time, not less than 4 weeks. In case of necessity it is possible to repeat the course after 2-3 weeks.
It should be administered with enough amount of water (without chew).
In case of dose omission, the next dosage should be administered according to the primary scheme, do not take double dose.
PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: There are not reliable safety clinical data of preparation usage during pregnancy and lactation period.
INTERACTION WITH OTHER MEDICAMENTS AND OTHER INTERACTION: Co-administration reduces effectiveness of indirect anticoagulants (Fenprokumoni, Varfarin), Midazolam, Digoxin, Amitriptyline, Benzodiazepin, Nortriptyline, Teophylline, Verapamil.
Co-administration with some antidepressants, such as Nephazodon, Paroxetin, Sertralin, Triptanam may reinforce their action and reveal such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, fare, anxiety, confusion.
The preparation strengthens photosensitivity action of some medicaments, such as Tetracyclines, Sulfanilamide, Thiazide diuretics, Quinolones, Piroxicam.
Prolongs sleep caused by general anesthetics and narcotic analgesics, but shortens the sleep caused by barbiturates. Reduces hypotensive effect of Reseprine, increases theophylline metabolism speed.
INFLUENCE OF PREPARATION ON THE ABILITY OF VEHICLE AND MECHANISMS MANAGEMENT: The patient who intakes this preparation should be carefully during working with those mechanisms that require attention concentration.
PRODUCTION FORM: Primary package: 10 tablets on the pvc/alu blister.
Secondary package: 4 blisters in the carton box with instruction.
SHELF LIFE: 3 years.
In case of visual defects or expiry of validity date the preparation can not be used.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store not more than 25⁰C in a dry, protected from light place. Keep away from children.
ORDER OF ISSUE: III group of a pharmaceutical product – issued without prescription.

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