aramedical mean
Application Instruction

Medicine form: Syrup.
Pharmacological group: Para Medical agent with bio-stimulating and antioxidant action.
Composition: Active substance: biostimulated leaves of aloe (Folia Aloes arborescentis) – 1 g/ml; Aiding substances: sugar, Methylparaben, ethanol, distilled water.
Contains a complex of biologically active agents: enzymes, vitamins, anthraglycosides aloe, free anthraquinones, emodine and chrizofanol, biogenic stimulators, polysaccharides, microelements.
Pharmacological action: “Anginol” is characterized by bactericidal, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant action. Because of composition biogenic stimulators, protects the organism from cold, increases organism resistance ability toward the infectious diseases.
Depending on a dose, emodine inhibits increase of Helicobacter pylori by decrease of Arilamin N- acetyltransferase activity. It is established that emodine has direct virocid action on the viruses of Herpes simplex, Varicella zoster and flu.
The polysaccharides including in composition of aloe, in complex with microelements – zinc, selenium, copper, define immunomodulator action of the preparation.
Indications: it is used in complex therapy, as an aid mean:
· Cold;
· Quinsy (tonsillitis);
· Laryngitis;
· Pharyngitis;
· Inflammatory diseases of respiratory ways;
· Decrease of organism resistance ability toward infectious diseases.
Order of intake and dosage:
Intake peroral before eating. It is possible to intake syrup diluted in water.
Adults: 15 ml syrup 3 times in a day.
Children more than 12 years: 10 ml syrup 3 times in a day.
Children from 8 to 12 years: 5 ml syrup 3 times in a day (it is desirable to consult with doctor).
Duration of treatment course from 3 to 7 days, according to the indication.
· Hypersensitivity toward components including in preparation.
· Hemorrhagic bleeding, metrorrhagia (because of blood current
strengthening in abdominal organs);
· Liver cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, appendicitis, Crohn’s disease,
ulcerous enterocolitis, pain in the abdominal cavity;
· Diabetes mellitus;
· Pregnancy and lactation period.
Side effects:
There may occur dyspepsia, heartburn, pains in abdominal cavity, diarrhea, strengthened blood current of pelvic cavity organs, strengthening of menstrual bleeding, increase of uterus tonus in case of reception during pregnancy, allergic reactions can take place.
In case of revealing side effects, the patient has to interrupt treatment and address to doctor.
In case of revealing those side effects which aren’t specified in the application instruction, the patient has to address to physician or the pharmacist.
Pregnancy and lactation period: “Anginol” syrup isn’t used during pregnancy and lactation period.
Interaction with other preparations or other type interaction:
Long time use of preparation can cause insufficiency of potassium in the organism and strengthen cardiac glycoside, antiarrhythmic preparations activity.
At time of combined reception in combination with thiazide diuretic, licorice preparations and corticosteroids the risk of potassium deficiency development increases.
The preparation potentiates action of diarrhea.
Impact on car drivers of and the personnel working at potentially dangerous installations: Because of alcohol content, “Anginol” can impact on attention concentration at time of vehicle driving and management of mechanisms.
Caution: Long time application of preparation may increase risk of development side effects.
Through content of ethanol, it is used with care for children!
Shake up preparation before use.
Overdose: Cases of overdose aren’t recorded.
Production form: 100ml syrup in orange polyethylene bottles. The bottle is placed in a cardboard box.
Issuing rule: Pharmaceutical product’s group III, is issued without prescription.
Term of validity: 2 year.
Storage conditions: Is kept on 15-25ºС protected from light place, inaccessible for children.
Producer: “Neopharmi”LTD

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