Homeopathic remedy to improve digestion
   Dandelions / taraxacum officianlis 4HD
   Barberry / Berberis vulgaris 5HD
   Burdock root / Lappa major 4HD

 3 tubes placed in a cardboard box (each of 80 pellets)

It is used to improve digestion in patients with
Normal function of the gastrointestinal tract (the wrong food at the time).
The disease, which is accompanied by indigestion,
Flatulence, diarrhea (in the form of the combined therapy).
Improve appetite.

Dosage: adult 3 granules 3 times per day.
                      Children 12 to 16 years 2 granules 3 times a day
                      The duration of treatment for 4 weeks.

Drugs are administered sublingually, which provides the best absorption.

Storage: Store up to 30 ° C temperature.

Side effects, ask your doctor.

Manufacturer: SEVENE PHARMA. France.

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