Discount card of “Neopharmi”

The Discount card of "Neopharmi+"-is a combined card, by which in pharmaceutical net of "Neopharmi+", you can get momentary, growing 3-5% discount on medicines and cosmetic products, on hygienic, children care means and nourishment of kids. The amount of money you paid is gathering on a card account. The card of neopharmi is as discount card, as gathering card.

By gathering the scores on your card, increases the discount amount. The most loyal visitors of "Neopharmi +" pharmaceutical cell, (they will reveal by frequency of using the card and gathering scores), few times in a year will get some presents.
The discount card of "Neopharmi+" is permanent; you can get them in any drugstore of "Neopharmi+".
For more information contact us by using the following telephone numbers: 18-33-10, 92-19-68.

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